Next-level fretboard mastery to help you connect the dots and finally 'see' the guitar with the CAGED System

Connect the dots

After you've learned all the notes on the fretboard, the next stage in fretboard mastery is readily having chords, arpeggios, pentatonic and diatonic scale patterns under your fingers.

That's a lot to learn, so it has to be done gradually and the fretboard inevitably has to be broken up into smaller chunks to give you a sporting chance!

CAGED will do this for you!

CAGED is not a 'system' but the innate way in which the guitar works.

The fretboard has patterns.

CAGED will literally connect the dots.

Once you can learn these patterns, you have complete freedom and flexibility.

Whatever your musical goals or preferred style, CAGED is an invaluable visualization method that helps fuse together everything you will have learned to date and give you a framework to help accelerate your future learning.

This 128-page eBooks includes:

  • A detailed overview of teh CAGED approach
  • In-depth breakdowns of all five of the major and five minor CAGED shapes, with fretboard diagrams, photos and TAB:
  • Moveable chord
  • Triads
  • Arpeggios (Major and Minor)
  • Pentatonic Scales (Major and Minor)
  • Diatonic Scales (Major and Natural Minor)

Also included...

  • Specific practice exercises to internalize your new knowledge and apply it
  • Full colour-PDF charts for the optimal learning experience on tablet or desktop
  • Printer-friendly black-and-white charts for the practice room

What students say:

"CAGED Clarity" is exactly the right name for this book. Ry dissects each shape in Major and Minor using octave shapes as the framework, shows you how to visualize the CAGED chords, arpeggios, triads and scales, and gives you plenty of practice exercises along the way to firmly cement the new skills.

It's simply the most methodical, and clearly written book on mastering the CAGED system - and thereby mastering the fretboard - than any other resource you'll find out there".''

Adam Price, Washington, DC, USA

"I’ve been playing the guitar, mostly by ear, without reference to much music theory, for about 25 years. I’ve been wanting to fill in the gaps I have a Music Theory.

This course is well organized, and detailed and is helping me to learn applicable guitar theory,theory that is useful in my playing and writing.

I’ve had access to a number of Ry’s educational materials and like them all. His videos, his writing are all crystal clear. Ry uses sound educational philosophy - he’s an organized teacher. I’ve been a teacher (aviation) for 40 years. I know what good teaching looks like."

Brett Zukowski, SC USA

 “If you have ventured out into the online world looking for videos on the CAGED Chord system, then like me you have probably found it to be overwhelming and to say the least, downright confusing. “  

 “CAGED Clarity is clear, specific, and honest. The entire E-book is pieced together from start to finish to benefit your guitar learning experience on the CAGED system. You won’t be disappointed!

Brad Chase, Canada

"The book is dissected into digestible chunks for easy understanding of the lessons and properly sequenced but don't take my word for it. My best suggestion is to try it by yourself and I am sure that you'll be happy with your improvements and understanding. 🤗

Marco Deoferio, Qatar

"Ry’s guitar courses are always progressive, structured, and enjoyable to complete. The CAGED Clarity course is no different and will lead the student to quickly recognize chords, arpeggios, pentatonic, and diatonic scale patterns by understanding the CAGED principles.

I have applied these specific CAGED course tools to improvise chord tones and develop my creative chord progressions using the excellent course material. This course can also help me to improvise or write future solos."

Gordon Lynch, UK

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